AUSTSWIM Course held in November will be opened for enrolment soon!

AUSTSWIM 十一月課程將會接受報名!

AUSTSWIM 十一月课程将会接受报名!

AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety™(TSW) is now open for enrolment!

澳洲游泳教師證書 – 游泳及水中安全(TSW)現已接受報名!

澳洲游泳教师证书 – 游泳及水中安全(TSW)现已接受报名!

Professional Development Workshop

November 2017 Workshop at             (TBC)

AUSTSWIM Course held in July is now open for enrolment!

AUSTSWIM 七月課程現已接受報名!

AUSTSWIM 七月课程现已接受报名!

Enrolment of AUSTSWIM Courses on November,2018 is now Available!


AUSTSWIM 十一月課程現已接受報名!

 ** Courses held on March are postponed until further notice.Sorry for any         

      convenience caused.

 **  AUSTSWIM 三月課程將延期, 直至另行通知. 不便之處,敬請見諒!

Professional Development Workshop 2019 is now available for enrolment soon!


 For details, please visit the page of course information.



Courses held in May,2017 will be issued soon!

Enrolment of AUSTSWIM Courses on November & December is now Available!

AUSTSWIM 十一及十二月課程現已接受報名!

AUSTSWIM 十一月及十二课程现已接受报名!

Enrolment of AUSTSWIM Courses on November is now Available!

AUSTSWIM 十一月課程現已接受報名!

AUSTSWIM Course held in March(2018) will be opened for enrolment soon!

AUSTSWIM 三月 (2018) 課程將會接受報名!

AUSTSWIM 三月 (2018) 课程将会接受报名!

AUSTSWIM Course held in 2020 will be opened for enrolment soon!

AUSTSWIM 2020 全年課程將會接受報名!

NEWS​ 最新消息

Enrolment of AUSTSWIM Courses held in 2020 is now Available!

AUSTSWIM 2020年全年課程現已接受報名!